There are girls/young ladies who don't have access to monthly feminine care products. i.e. pads, tampons, wipes


Lack of products causes unnecessary stress on these girls:

1. Fear of bleeding through her clothes

2. Embarrassment and bullying when accidents do occur

3. Lack of focus in class 

4. Fear of engaging in sports

5. Chance of ruining her only pair of pants

6. Absences every month during her menstrual cycle 


1. Identify the schools that need monthly feminine care products for these girls

2. Provide MK's(Monthly Kits) to the nurses, counselors, coaches, and other key leaders at each school 

3. Leave information in the MK's on how to manage feminine hygiene, apps to use to predict their monthly cycle, and other community resources.

Where YOU come in...

In order to effectively and consistently provide MK's to each school we rely on your PLEDGES! 

We buy the feminine products wholesale, which saves money and allows us to help more girls/young ladies. 

We ask that you pledge $3 to the cause!

THREE DOLLAR$ that's it!!!

(If you want to pledge more.... BLESS YOU & THANK YOU!)