What Are Your Medications REALLY Doing To Your Body?

It's time to learn what you're really putting in your body

Do you know how to get the medication information you need? There is information available that tells you how to safely use your medication, what effects it could have on your body, what medications or foods you should avoid while taking a certain medication, and more!


Have you noticed that the doctor gives you your prescription at the end of your visit? How much time do you really have to ask questions? Do you think to ask questions about how to take the medications or the side effects?

You have the right to have all questions and alternative medications or methods discussed in detail by your Doctor!


What about when you go to the Pharmacy. Do you ask the questions you forgot to ask your doctor? Do you use the consultation counter to talk to the pharmacist before your begin a new med?

You have the right to medication education on any medications you receive from a Pharmacy.

Medication Education Paperwork

Do you decline the paperwork they offer you at the Pharmacy? Do you throw it away when you get home? What happens if you start to have symptoms after starting your medication? (click here for a symptom checker)

You can go back to visit the Pharmacy where you filled your prescription. You also have resources available online that you can use to find more information on the medications you are taking.

Here are a list of a few Online Resources for Medication Education:





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