FEAR is non-MF'n Factor!

Fear is the only thing people can use to control you. Fear is the only thing holding you back.

People who want to manipulate others use fear as the main tactic. Men who are physically abusive use their physical force to place fear into the women they abuse. Women who are emotionally abusive use their words and threats to place fear into the men they abuse. Jobs who want to prevent their employees from leaving use threats and ranking systems to place fear into their employees.

Basically what I'm saying is that FEAR is a well known tactic used to control people.

Let's talk about what FEAR is doing in your life. FEAR is preventing you from being happy. You FEAR what will happen if you leave your job or toxic relationship. You FEAR how others will look at you if you take a break from your children or selfishly pursue what you want to pursue or buy what you want to buy. Anything led by FEAR in your life is under control. It can't move how it wants to move, it can't progress, it can't thrive. There is no room for HAPPINESS where there is FEAR.


You don't want to appear a certain way to others so you let FEAR run your life. I have a question: Do you think God placed you on this Earth to be unhappy? to be afraid? Do you think that where you are now is where you're destined to be or do you think there's greater? You have to look at everything for what it is. If you're in an unhappy relationship, friendship, or job then ask yourself is this the best I think God has for me? Do you think that this is all God can do for you? When you stay in anything that makes you unhappy you're non-verbally saying I don't think God has anything better for me. You're saying that you don't trust God or any other supportive force you have in this and any other realm.

You're doubting YOUR creator! You're doubting your purpose in life!!!! Why are you here? Why aren't you happy? I guarantee a lot of it stems from FEAR!


FEAR is not east to lose. FEAR has somehow made it's way into your life and will not leave! So how do we lose FEAR???

We have to be okay with not being okay. I mean you're already practicing that anyways right? You have to be okay with being UNCOMFORTABLE. I didn't understand what people meant when they said that but it's true! Because when you lose FEAR you become vulnerable and uncomfortable.

'For example: In my business if I make a large purchase I start sweating, I write out a plan 20xs to make sure it makes sense, I dream about it(anxiety), I just can't get it out my head. That's FEAR! I'm afraid of not making enough money to pay for it. If I let FEAR win then I wouldn't have a successful photography business nor would I be hosting a Retreat. I overcame(am still overcoming) FEAR! I got uncomfortable. So, I'm not saying when you make your decision without FEAR that it'll be easy or that you won't have some a little anxiety. I'm saying that the end results will be WORTH IT! You just have to keep the same mindset throughout the journey! There's no room for FEAR in 2020... Add that to your vision board!

So tell me what has control over your life right now? What do you FEAR? What has FEAR stopped you from achieving?

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