Updated: Dec 17, 2018

When do you visit the doctor? Do you go routinely or only when you're sick?

Are you even aware of when you need to go to the doctor? Do you even care?????

We know we're supposed to take our children to the doctor for their shots and when they're sick, but when do WE go? We go when we HAVE to go. I know with life, no sick leave, no MONEY$$, no time, and no patience the last thing you want to do is visit a doctor. Now is not the time for me to drop statistics like "More than 40 percent of non-Hispanic African-American men and women have high blood pressure" or "African-Americans have a higher rate of heart attacks, sudden cardiac arrest, heart failure and strokes than white people." Nah, I'm not going to do that. Those are fact straight from the American Heart Association's website.

Ok, I am going to leave High Blood Pressure AKA Hypertension alone for now.

What I really want to discuss is WHY you NEED this blog.....

#BlackHealthMatters is a movement like no other. Black people are at risk for so many diseases and disorders based on our lifestyle alone. That's before we even talk about our genetics that predispose us to disorders. It's tewwwww murch! I know!

The FIRST thing we have to do is EDUCATE ourselves. If you read the first part of this blog then I bet 9 times out of 10 you learned something you didn't know already. That's what this movement is all about. "You know better you do better" isn't that what we learned growing up?!

Myself..... a Registered Nurse(RN)..... along with 2 other RNs (You'll meet my Dope, Smart Sisters later) for FREE 99 will be giving you all types of FREE GAME! Now I know you love FREE STUFF so don't act like you don't want it when it comes to your health. We know how to break down the information you need without using words you don't understand. Your health is wealth, because once it's gone...… it's gone forevaaaaaaaa.

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Thanks for reading!!!!



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