Donique J.

​The Natural Hair Journey is not easy, nor is being a WOC in today's society.

You don't ever have to endure it alone once you connect with me!


Welcome Queen! 

My name is Donique J. I am a RN, the owner of UnConventional by Donique J. and an Army Nurse Veteran! On the side I serve as the admin of a Facebook group called "Coil Game Matters." I noticed that a lot of women EMBRACE their natural hair in the group because of the immense amount of support. I witnessed the positive energy at a Women's Retreat and automatically knew I wanted to host a Retreat for the Queens in my group to provide this support in person!


I have been "doing hair" since before I could remember. I learned how to braid before I was in the 2nd grade. My momma never did my hair after 5th grade. I was able to style and manage my own hair! I made it my side hustle in High School and College.


I love everything about natural hair. I always desired to have "curly" hair growing up. I never knew that my hair type was naturally coily. I have returned natural about 3 years this time. I returned natural in 2014, but that was short lived because of my military career. At the end of my military career I knew one of the first things I would do was return natural again and I DID!! I haven't looked back since. I cannot imagine ever putting those chemicals in my hair again. I have also pledged not to lighten my hair again either because of the chemicals. I have tried almost every style you can think of! If you have questions about a style or product 8 times out of 10, I can assist you! If I can't I have 2000+ Queens in my FB group that can help you out. ​


I hope to meet you at my 2020 Natural Hair Retreat where we will be Embracing Our Roots!

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