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Owner of UnConVentional by Donique J.

Donique Jones, BSN, RN

I am licensed as a Registered Nurse in the states of Arkansas and Florida. I am a Veteran Army Nurse Corps. Officer. I currently reside in Jacksonville, FL. I specialize in Medical Surgical(Med-Surg), Postpartum Nursing, and Health and Wellness.


My goals are to educate the community on:

1) disease prevention

2) disease management

3) physical education

4) the proper use of prescribed medications

  • what side effects to expect from those medications


I am YOUR advocate! I step in and educate you so that you know your medical rights. Let's LIVE together! You only get one life. 

Ready? Take the first step! 

Health & Wellness


Disease Management

Learn how to effectively manage your disease to enhance your quality of life.

Disease Prevention

Fight predispose diseases and borderline diagnoses head on! 

Medication Review

How much do you really know about the medications you're taking? What are the side effects? Are there better alternatives? Are you taking too many medications?

Let me evaluate your medication regimen. 

The Goal: Take the appropriate medication for maximal health

Community Issues

"Taking My Month Back" Initiative

Help the Middle and High School girls in your community gain self esteem and knowledge through Feminine Hygiene Education and Monthly Menstrual Supplies 

21 Day Challenges

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  Join my FB Group 21-Day Challenges 

The 21 Day Challenges are for women and are focused aroud Self-Care, Physical Health, Mental Health, Nutrition, and Weight Loss

Lifestyle Changes are better when you have a community supporting you!

Did You Know...


​All Statistics are for age 18+

  • 135 Non-Hispanic Blacks per 100,000 in the US died from Coronary Heart Disease in 2015

  • 38.3 % of Non-Hispanic Blacks in the US are OBESE

  • 61.3 Non-Hispanic Blacks per 100,000 in the US died from a Stroke in 2015


  • 82 percent of American adults take at least one medication and 29 percent take five or more

  • Adverse Drug Events cause approximately 1.3 million emergency department visits and 350,000 hospitalizations each year


  • 1 in 4 women in the US struggled to afford period products in 2017

  • Period Poverty keeps 1 out of 5 girls out of school during their period